Monday, March 23, 2015


 As many have been asking me how to eat healthy and lose weight I’m excited to share my diet, how I eat, and how YOU should be eating as well.

   Being a type one diabetic, my choices are to eat healthy and stay fit, or slowly kill myself by eating what I want  while living a sick life and lose my legs, eyes, fingers, on and on and shortly my life. I use to think the way I eat was only helpful to me. Recently I was talking with my sister and brother in law who are big into health and fitness as well, and they shared with me their diet. They have both lost weight and feel much better, and to my surprise they were on the same diet as me. 

   Using the word “diet” a lot above isn’t exactly what I should say but more of “this is our life style” don’t make something a diet, make it YOUR way of living.

    The key to losing weight or staying at the weight you want  is to burn as many or more calories than you consume. When your eating whatever you want and consuming a lot of calories it is nearly impossible to burn them. Should you starve yourself??? no. You do not want to put your body in starvation mode. That is a way to confuse your body and it will store fat and will eventually backfire on you.

One thing I will tell you to defiantly cut out is sugary drinks. YES sugary drinks DO cause weight gain. Giving up sugary drinks is a good way to cut out a huge amount of carbs and calorie intake. 

I drink water mostly, seven glasses a day everyday. I do love my coffee and drink it as well. I don’t add any fats to it but a little sweetener. I don’t drink Gatorade because of all the sugars but I do drink crystal light, power zero, and g2. SEE there are other options out there to drink when you cut out all sugary drinks:).

One thing you must know is NEVER LET LABELS TRICK YOU it is for marketing purposes and marketing purposes only. For example “sugar free” “diet” “light” “healthy choice” they are there for marketing purposes ONLY. If you are smarter than marketing people you will look at the back and read the list of whats in it. Once you recognize what is good for you and what isn’t it will be easier to stay away from the bad sugary foods.

People think that foods with fat are bad for you when really healthy fats are good for you, make you feel fool, and actually help you lose weight.

Focus on eating whole natural foods other than all the processed food. 

Don’t let the amount of stress your having ABOUT losing weight stop you from losing weight. Relax and be happy

Your body needs physical activity everyday, many people say they don’t have time, but if you want a healthy body you will find the time to workout.

My diet is a low carb high protein diet, this is a diet that helps you gain lean muscle and lose fat. 

I live off of 30 to 45 carbs a day at the most, this does not seem like a lot of carbs, and it isn’t, but I’m actually eating a lot of food it is just low carb foods. 

I wake up in the morning and eat no carbs to prevent from a blood sugar spike. So for example eggs, ill cook 4 eggs and there is a good healthy big meal without intaking a lot of carbs. I then workout for an hour and get stuff done around the house like cleaning, etc, and with in two hours I’m already ready for my next meal. AWESOME RIGHT.. at this meal I allow myself up to 15 carbs, its usually something like an apple and peanut butter, or chicken with some wheat thins. etc. I go to work for the day and bring my next meal to work. After no less than two and a half hours I eat something like a can of tuna, sausage, etc. something high protein and low or no carbs. After two hours of THAT meal I make my protein shake which is 10 carbs. and yes this is one of my meals. two hours after that its usually about supper time which I usually eat something like a piece of chicken with carrots and sugar snap peas. That's a good big meal with again maybe 5 carbs. than two hours after supper I get my LAST meal in of the day. My last meal is always 5 carbs or less because i don’t want to go to bed with high blood sugar. 

 So yes I get to eat as many as 6 to 8 meals a day. This diet is designed to fight hunger by making you feel full and focused all while burning fat and lean muscle. So basically i eat every two hours and very low car high protein foods. It seems like a boring diet but you would be surprised at whats all out there. 


  1. Thank you for wholeheartedly sharing these tips. Looking forward to your next posts. I'm happy to have come to this blog.

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  2. Thumbs up for an articulate post. Thank you for sharing your personal tips and experience.

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