Monday, April 27, 2015

eat clean, train dirty!!

      If you have not already seen, or guessed that this August, I will be competing in my first fitness competition. Im defiantly excited and anxious to see how good I do at the same time. I hope many of you follow as I train hard the next 3 months to walk across the stage. And of coarse I will be sharing my training experiences with you all.

       Being a type one diabetic can make this sport a bit more challenging. As all my workouts are getting more intense and my diet changing up a bit, it also makes my insulin have to change a bit as well. Causing me to have to check my sugars a lot more than usual.

      Me unlike a lot of others competing in these contest, has not only a job outside of this that does not involve fitness, but I also have two kids and a husband that I like to spend a lot of my time with. Not to mention I am the one who fixes their meals which look nothing like my meals.

       Just a little glimpse of what my day looks like

8:00 a.m.
check blood sugar
take shot
drink a glass of water and a v8 energy diet drink
morning fasting cardio (mon, wed, friday I run 27 sprints =3 miles.. tuesday, thursday I jog a 5k)
kids go of to daycare and I get ready for work

drink a protein shake

eat a low carb high protein lunch with less than 200 calories.
usually eggs, tuna, or chicken with a side of veggies

drink protein shake #2

get kids, come home and have some mommy and kid time
with meal #5 being another low carb high protein meal for under 200 calories

workout the body part of the day
(sunday:back and shoulders, monday:legs, tuesday: arm, wednesday:butt, thursday:abs, fridays and saturdays I'm usually on the road with My husband and kids for I am a rodeo wife.)

last meal of the day meal #6

I never eat past 8:00 and I drink a glass of water with each meal, even the protein.


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