Monday, May 11, 2015

Cheat days!!

        Eating clean 24/7 can be very hard and take a lot of self control. I get asked many times "do you ever have a cheat meal"? Yes I love cheat meals. I am around lots of fitness fanatics like myself and I was born into a family of healthy eaters. And yes, we ALL have cheat meals here and there. My sister and her husband have a cheat meal once a week. Dieting all week makes you really appreciate that cheat meal. Eating healthy is so important but letting lose here and there is ok. 

      My cheat meals are a little different than your average human. I can either take the risk of eating something as sugary as chocolate cake with ice cream and be in a horrible mood of misery and sickness for the day and be up peeing for the night because my blood sugars are high, or I can try to cover it with an ungodly amount of insulin, which will make you put on five pounds faster than a blink of an eye... Well for my body thats what happens. So I try to make my cheat meal a little less sugary which is no fun but thats the way it works in the life of a type one.

     So yes us juvenile diabetics have a little less fun in our cheat meal but to everyone else yes I think a cheat meal once a month or at the most once a week is ok. 

tips to not having as many cheat meals.

1.) Don't even have it in your house. Get rid of all junk so that your only options are healthy options. Than you cheat meal can be when you and your hubby gets a date night.

2.) Stay active. I find that when I'm laying around and being lazy, I feel like crap so I want to eat crap. When you feel good about yourself you wanna eat good to match that feeling.

3.) Drink lots of water. If you drink lots of water you will feel more full and be less tempted to grab that donut to feel your tummy full.

4.) Start your day off right. I find that when I start my day off with a good healthy meal it keeps me focused through out my day making me want to end the day just like I started it.

5.) Take in lots of protein. Protein foods make you feel fuller longer and are actually a fat burning food. 


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