Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mackenzie Meal Plan...

As many of you know, I am an NPC Bikini model. As I have been preparing for my next show, I have had many questions about my daily diet and how I food prep. I wrote this to let my followers in on a REAL day in the life of a Type 1 diabetic who is in training for her next show. With all of the requests I have received, I am going to walk you through my day, meal by meal, and show you how my routine as a model and a mom goes. 

My diet changes up a bit as prep goes depending on how my body is reactingFor those of you who are Type 1, you will understand that on a personal levelI am a stay at home momma of 3 kids ages 5, 3, and 10 months. For those who follow me on Snapchat and Twitter also know that I am running 2+ businesses.  

I am a goal digging, dream chasing, hard working woman. So once that alarm goes off, it's GO time. I roll over, kiss the husband off to work and open my notebook which has written down my 10 goals for the year of 2017. "Where ones focus is, is what comes to them”. I make a list of how I can work on each and every one of those goals daily. I then do my first finger poke of the day checking my blood sugar. I take my first insulin shot of the day and head to my at home gym room and do 40 minutes to an hour of morning fasting cardio. Fasting cardio means cardio on an empty stomach. I then head to the kitchen for meal number 1. 

Meal #1  
1 egg, 4 ounces of egg whites, 1 tbs salsa, 1/3 cup oats, and 1/2 cup blueberries. 

This time of day is the calm before the storm, it is now time to wake up, feed and get my three kids ready for the day.  

I then spend 30 minutes cleaning the house. I find if I do 30 minutes a day, it stays clean and saves time because things are not getting piled upI turn on a movie for the kids and spend an hour at my desk working on my business, organizing my brain, and daily self-development while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. 

I find that my kids do better when they have more of my attention and I'm really trying to soak up their young years with them. I usually walk with them to the park and get my 5k steps in.  

It is now time for blood sugar check number 2 since my insulin last in the body for 6 hours and I eat every 3 hours, I do not have to take a shot at meal #2 

Meal #2 
4 ounces of white fish or chicken, 2 ounces avocado, 2 cups greens 

at this time, I spend 3 hours checking my email, getting business calls in, thinking of ways to grow as a human and business woman, spend time with God, and depending on the day I will blog, YouTube, or work on my fitness program #BodyByMac. Which yes, you can purchase at 

Can you guess what comes next? That’s right, another meal! I bet you’re surprised by now how much us fitness models actually EAT! Now it’s time to bring on meal number 3. Finger prick number 3, and insulin shot number 2. 

Meal #3 
3 ounces white fish or chicken, 2 ounces avocado, and 2 cups of greens. This meal sounds a lot like meal # 2, doesn’t it? 

This is time to do anything I need to get done, my husband comes home from work and family time is very important to me. Ill take the kids swimming, I’ll work on our garden, catch up on our yard work, etc. 

Meal #4 comes with another finger prick and getting this cute little family of mine fed as well. 

Meal #4  
4 ounces egg whites, 1 tbsp salsa, 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 cup blueberries 

Now its time for my evening workout. The two gyms I train at are my sisters gym, which is kid friendly, or my own home gymMy gym is mainly a studio for filming my workout videos and hers has everything I need. I do go to a big gym and work with my trainer here and there just so he can make sure I am doing everything right and give me tips/advice. I also do posing practice at this time. Most of the times I'm training at a home gym while my kids are running around me. I do a different body part every day and I rest on weekends. Actually, I am pretty active, but I do not do my regular trainings on the weekends.  

Monday= Legs 
Tuesday= Back and Shoulders 
Wednesday= Butt (Happy Hump Day) 
Thursday= Arms 
Friday= Body parts I feel need the most work, and a lot of abs.  
I incorporate abs in my daily workouts, but those are mainly made in the kitchen. Thatanother topic.  (This part is kind of confusing) 

Now onto my last meal of the day. This is my post workout meal that I do along with another finger prick and insulin shot.  

Meal #5 
 2 scoops plant based protein shake 

My days are pretty packed, but I would not trade my crazy life for anythingI typically end my day with a prospect call for the network marketing company I am a part of or I host an online training for my team. By this time, its time to bathe the kids, settle for bed, plan my day out for the next day, and shut my brain off – because tomorrow starts a brand-new day!