Monday, March 30, 2015

Why do i use 310 juice, and why should you???

why juice???

Does 310 juice make you lose weight?? no, its not a diet pill, but many people are discovering that juicing is causing them to lose weight and get healthy … WHY??? Our bodies will not function the way they are suppose to if we have a filthy, discussing gut. When your body is filthy on the inside it can slow down your metabolism and even cause “gut rot” . When you clean out that messy filthy gut, everything on the inside works much better, which cause everything on the outside to LOOK better!!!! see how it works? So yes your filthy gut can be the reason your not losing the weight your working hard for and juicing can do the “gut cleaning” job for you allowing you to finally see the results you have been looking for.

Not only is losing the weight you have been looking for an amazing side effect, but you will love the way you feel. More energized throughout your day and all around feeling healthy has GOT to be the best feeling. 

Im sure your wondering how exactly this is correct, think of a dirty carborator, it makes a car sluggish right? If you put a new clean one in the SAME car, just like your cleaning out a gut in the SAME body that was not once losing weight, it will start losing the pounds. Just like the car will start running much better with a clean carborator. 

     I personally do a gut cleanse once every two months and use 310 nutrition juice, or there 7 day cleanse. Check it out at 

Monday, March 23, 2015


 As many have been asking me how to eat healthy and lose weight I’m excited to share my diet, how I eat, and how YOU should be eating as well.

   Being a type one diabetic, my choices are to eat healthy and stay fit, or slowly kill myself by eating what I want  while living a sick life and lose my legs, eyes, fingers, on and on and shortly my life. I use to think the way I eat was only helpful to me. Recently I was talking with my sister and brother in law who are big into health and fitness as well, and they shared with me their diet. They have both lost weight and feel much better, and to my surprise they were on the same diet as me. 

   Using the word “diet” a lot above isn’t exactly what I should say but more of “this is our life style” don’t make something a diet, make it YOUR way of living.

    The key to losing weight or staying at the weight you want  is to burn as many or more calories than you consume. When your eating whatever you want and consuming a lot of calories it is nearly impossible to burn them. Should you starve yourself??? no. You do not want to put your body in starvation mode. That is a way to confuse your body and it will store fat and will eventually backfire on you.

One thing I will tell you to defiantly cut out is sugary drinks. YES sugary drinks DO cause weight gain. Giving up sugary drinks is a good way to cut out a huge amount of carbs and calorie intake. 

I drink water mostly, seven glasses a day everyday. I do love my coffee and drink it as well. I don’t add any fats to it but a little sweetener. I don’t drink Gatorade because of all the sugars but I do drink crystal light, power zero, and g2. SEE there are other options out there to drink when you cut out all sugary drinks:).

One thing you must know is NEVER LET LABELS TRICK YOU it is for marketing purposes and marketing purposes only. For example “sugar free” “diet” “light” “healthy choice” they are there for marketing purposes ONLY. If you are smarter than marketing people you will look at the back and read the list of whats in it. Once you recognize what is good for you and what isn’t it will be easier to stay away from the bad sugary foods.

People think that foods with fat are bad for you when really healthy fats are good for you, make you feel fool, and actually help you lose weight.

Focus on eating whole natural foods other than all the processed food. 

Don’t let the amount of stress your having ABOUT losing weight stop you from losing weight. Relax and be happy

Your body needs physical activity everyday, many people say they don’t have time, but if you want a healthy body you will find the time to workout.

My diet is a low carb high protein diet, this is a diet that helps you gain lean muscle and lose fat. 

I live off of 30 to 45 carbs a day at the most, this does not seem like a lot of carbs, and it isn’t, but I’m actually eating a lot of food it is just low carb foods. 

I wake up in the morning and eat no carbs to prevent from a blood sugar spike. So for example eggs, ill cook 4 eggs and there is a good healthy big meal without intaking a lot of carbs. I then workout for an hour and get stuff done around the house like cleaning, etc, and with in two hours I’m already ready for my next meal. AWESOME RIGHT.. at this meal I allow myself up to 15 carbs, its usually something like an apple and peanut butter, or chicken with some wheat thins. etc. I go to work for the day and bring my next meal to work. After no less than two and a half hours I eat something like a can of tuna, sausage, etc. something high protein and low or no carbs. After two hours of THAT meal I make my protein shake which is 10 carbs. and yes this is one of my meals. two hours after that its usually about supper time which I usually eat something like a piece of chicken with carrots and sugar snap peas. That's a good big meal with again maybe 5 carbs. than two hours after supper I get my LAST meal in of the day. My last meal is always 5 carbs or less because i don’t want to go to bed with high blood sugar. 

 So yes I get to eat as many as 6 to 8 meals a day. This diet is designed to fight hunger by making you feel full and focused all while burning fat and lean muscle. So basically i eat every two hours and very low car high protein foods. It seems like a boring diet but you would be surprised at whats all out there. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

The importance in raising your kids to love health

        I remember when I first became a diabetic and peoples first response was “omg I would die without pop and candy in my life” when in my mind I’m thinking “I never even had that stuff in my house”… Yes my mom raised us with no pop or junk food in the house. No she didn’t leave strict rules with us that we could never have sugar, we just grew up with out it in our house and still to this day I reflects on my life. We also grew up and knew that momma was up at 5 a.m. every morning running long miles or training for some kind of marathon or race. So healthy living was kind of just a thing that came natural. Don’t get me wrong as a kid I LOVED going to birthday parties  and eating cake and ice cream. I loved when we would have holiday parties at school and i could eat an unlimited amount of candy. But it defiantly was not something I got on the daily which really made me appreciate those fun parties. And yes I do have foggy flashbacks of feeling horrible after all that candy.

Little did my mom know her youngest daughter (me) would be diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age 11 and sugar would no longer be acceptable. And boy was I glad she raised us to eat healthy and workout! And whats funny is she didn’t even realize she was RAISING us this way she just did it herself and was our biggest remodel in life so that's what we saw and what we did. pretty cool huh??? After having two kids myself it is the one thing I want them to see in me. I want them to know its important and I also want them to have fun with it and include them in my workout. Sometimes we walk to the park, take the dog on a walk, ride bikes, play in the yard. 

One thing I also realized growing up is no, we didn’t have a lot of money. There were 5 of us my parents were raising and yes we had a roof to live under, an awesome God, and always had a full belly. But we never spent unnecessary money on high dollar toys. One thing we NEVER had was video games, computer games etc. we had our legs and if we were bored we would go play outside. I notice kids will sit and play for hours on their video games getting NO exercise in their day. No not all video games are bad and no I’m not against them…. I just feel like if you are going to buy them for your children there should be a time limit on them. You have no clue how important it is to teach and raise your kids to know what healthy living is. It could prevent obesity, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, and possibly their life in their future. It IS important!!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Positive Thinking!!

       I usually wouldn't write a post about positive thinking, and your probably wondering why I'm posting about something that is not going to help you workout more, or eat healthier when that's all my blog is about.... But what I'm about to share changed my life and yes, helped me out with my fitness career and my life altogether and that's why I want to share it with YOU......

        Eating healthy and living healthy makes you look and feel better right? But what most of us don't realize is we have to feed our minds with positive and healthy thoughts to keep us going the right path in life as well. One thing I never wanted people to say or think about me is that I'm "lazy". I hate that word and lazy people can drive me up the wall. I have always been on the go, up and moving, on to the next thing in life... But what I didn't realize was just how LAZY my mind was. I kinda thought I was doing OK in life for a while. I mean I get up, I take care of my husband and kids as best as I can. I run every morning, go to work, and workout after work. But what I'm not telling about in my day that's hard for me to share is after the day is over and the kids are to bed, I go to bed thinking of everything that has hurt me. I remember all the people that have done evil to me. I remember all the mean things that have been said about me on social media, and most of all.... I remember EVERY SINGLE hurtful thing my husband had once did to me years ago. Or maybe he hurt me the day before by not letting me know I'm beautiful. He was a jerk a time or two in our marriage and when we were dating. OK.... more than just a time or two. And this one girl I don't really know.... OMG she said some nasty things about me one time ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA... NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE running through my mind. And yes it drained me, I was stressed, I would complain to my spouse about it. I would take the hurt out on people I loved. Or I would hold it in, pretend I was fine, and find myself in a horrible mood where no wanted to be around me.

    After admitting to myself that I need to change my mindset and literally REPROGRAM my mind, it was absolutely life changing. Its like magic. As cheesy as that sounds it really is. Its so hard and simple at the same time I don't know why I didn't think of this the first 20 years of my life. Its like I literally moved into a whole new brain. My brain had naturally been trained for years to go to bed at night thinking of all the horrible things that has happened to me. And I let it have the power to do so on its own. I decided one day I have power over my brain.. I am stronger than my thoughts and I will go to bed thinking positive thoughts only, I will wake up thinking positive thoughts only, and I will LIVE thinking positive thoughts only. It sounded easy at first but its not so easy when something negative comes your way. Thinking positive isn't going to make you rich, prevent someone from bumping into your car, clean your house, nor will it take away your medical bills. But positive thinking will make you wanna work harder to make more money, look at the situation in a better way, feel blessed to HAVE a house to clean, and be happy for the doctor that possibly saved your life. After I worked so hard to train my brain.... its like I reprogrammed it to automatically go to positive thoughts. Not to mention I notice people love to be around me more and its  made a dramatic impact on my relationship with my hunky hunk husband. I really can't believe my mind was so lazy... I LET THAT INTERNET BULLY GET TO ME... like why???It is life truly is.

      Not only will people view you in a better way but you will view yourself in a better way. I use to think my boobs were too small, I hate having type one diabetes, being 4''10 is awful, my nose is too big for my face, not to crazy about my teeth, I get acne, my feet are a kids 3, my mom can run farther then me, people know I fart.... etc .... Now I think more of my boobs are small but thats ok, I get the privilege to help others who struggle with my disease, I'm short but it makes life fun, my nose holds up my glasses rather well, my teeth could be worse, I have makeup to cover my acne, my shoes are cheaper, my mom is my biggest motivation in life, ALL WOMEN FART, and I am beautiful no matter what...

      I use to do things like sit and stair at the elliptical I run on every morning and think "I'm tired today" "maybe I will just do half the time today" " I don't really wanna run right now" and literally half to drag myself on the stupid things some days. After I changed my whole mindset I found myself thinking "Thank God they invented these things"or "I'm gonna run longer today". When my crazy three year old son breaks something now, I find myself laughing, or taking a picture to post on the Internet about how silly and crazy he is instead of getting angry about how much it cost and why its broke. ITS BROKE nothing you can do about it now but make the best of it right? I have come to realize life is as simple as "think it in your mind and you can have it"... You want to become a marathon runner? Your first step is to THINK it in your mind and ASK yourself how you can make it happen, and most of all you have to BELIEVE in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself it simply won't happen. It is THAT easy. You want something.... GO GET IT.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life of a traveling type one diabetic

     Although I am a wife and mommy of two, I would say my husband and I have a rather crazy exciting life. We like to get out and be on the go. By get out I don't mean get a brake from the kids and party but more of TAKE the kids and chase our dreams. As many already know my husband is a bareback rider and hits 1 to 3 rodeos a weekend. And I am a fitness model in training and also on a oic5 all-star cheer team. So as far as "getting out and chasing our dreams" id say were doing a pretty good job. But the more and more we travel, the more and more I realize JUST how hard it is to manage my blood sugars while on the road.

       At home Im on a pretty tight schedule that took lots of work to get it down exactly what works with my blood sugars. Like I said EVERY diabetic is different. But as for me, I start off my day with a blood sugar check and taking a shot, I then HAVE to do about an hour of cardio JUST to manage a good blood sugar throughout the day. Then after taking the kids to daycare I make sure to bring two small healthy meals to eat at work and do a blood sugar check a good 2 or 3 times while at work. After work I then go get the kids and the whole family eats supper AFTER I check my blood sugar again and take another shot. We then have some fun family time at the gym so I can go to sleep with a leveled out blood sugar, and after the day ends and the kids are in bed... I once again check my sugar and take a shot. So no.... I don't ever get a break from the whole pricking my finger or taking a shot. Not to mention throughout all these meals I'm counting carbs and making sure to eat enough protein in my day. If your a type one diabetic and your reading this I know you will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

       So now that you know kinda what my diabetic hectic schedule looks like you can see why traveling can be a little challenging. This past weekend I had a NCA cheer competition 5 1/2 hours away from home which was an absolute blast and my husband rode 30 minutes away from there at the Fort Worth Texas Rodeo. When traveling you think (its lunch time lets pull through a fast food joint) NOT TOO MANY HEALTHY OPTIONS.... we started the weekend off by of coarse driving in the car which requires SITTING for hours and hours. Which also leads to boredom and leads to snacking while not burning off sugars which then ends up with HIGH BLOOD SUGARS... yuck.... So after getting there your drained from the drive and as soon as you see a comfy hotel bed you just can't help but to relax. We then wake up the next morning to start the day off and if you've ever done all-star cheer you know it takes a good while to get ready. So instead of doing my cardio I exchanged that time for hair and makeup. MISTAKE!!! I show up at the competition with a 400 blood sugar because I  decided one day of changing up my routine shouldn't be that big of a deal. I instantly regreated it because now I have to compete with a high blood sugar and won't do my best. Not to mention I felt like crap. It is now supper time and its time for me to take a shot and eat. I take my shot and simply walk around to find something to buy at all the food stands they had set up. Surly they had something diabetic friendly right??? WRONG.... everything was nothing but carbs, carbs is all I saw. I finally decide a ham sandwich will be the best choice and scarf it down before we hit the warm up room. Not feeling my best right before we compete my blood sugar was 380. eww..... So this all being said for day two, giving myself a nice little break was not an option. I went back to the hotel that night and did some jumping jacks to burn off the high blood sugar that was killing my day. And decided I must eat something carb-less and healthy. So a salad it is. And let me tell you something about that salad (it was amazing).... It had this really good dressing too. No way I will get sick tonight. I go to bed with my husband telling me I'm a cranky mess and realizing the head ache and crappy feeling had not gone away. I remembered the name of the salad and look it up. AWESOME the delicious dressing was made of pure sugar.... ehh FAIL...

      Who would have thought id get sick off of a salad. This fun traveling life is not so easy but my stubbornness perked up the next morning and told myself "I'm gonna kick your butt today diabetes" So I did my morning cardio after checking my blood and taking my shot RIGHT in the hotel room and followed up with my make up and hair. I go to a convenient store and buy beef jerky, nuts, and a protein bar to eat for my meals and take with me to the competition. I check my sugar before the warm up room and WHAT DO YA KNOW my blood sugar read a perfect 115 and I competed that day like a boss. Boy was I proud that day to tell my stupid disease that it can't and won't stop me from anything..... "I HAVE DIABETES, DIABETES DOES NOT HAVE ME" take that pancreas :)..... It is now supper time and my husband wants to go to the waffle house:/ ehh, waffles. I had done so good in my day why would I wanna mess it up now. As he ordered his carb full hash brown and sugary waffles caked in syrup, I enjoyed my eggs and sausage and made sure they didn't sneak in some kind of sugary dressing this time... Self control can be hard but I would take a good blood sugar over a good meal and destroying my body any day. If you are a type one or know of a type one please stop and remind them or yourself that YOU are important and someone NEEDS and LOVES you. Don't let your disease take control of your mind or body and destroy it before your eyes......

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