Friday, November 27, 2015

Get HealthFIO with Mackenzie (30 day personal online training program)

 GET healthFTIO (healthy from the inside out)     WITH ME TODAY!!!!

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to be starting this online personal training program and helping YOU live a fit and healthy life. With my one-on-one training, you and I will work together to reach your personal goals. With no gym membership needed, I will be right there working with you daily by giving you daily meal plans, at-home workouts, and lots of enthusiasm and inspiration, because I believe in YOU. You will have full access to me as your personal online trainer.  Through messaging, we will skype/facetime  together once a week to talk about your goals, and how we will reach them. I will work with your schedule to make sure you get everything you need in this plan. But before you think twice, I only  have 20 spots open for the month and they will go fast.  

                      In this 1 month plan you will get

       -  messaging between you and me with any questions you may have MOND-FRIDAY 8:00 11:00 p.m. . You will be receiving your daily meal and workout plans through messages by me. 

       - An evening workout using a different body part every day. 15 to 30 minutes is what it will take to complete this workout.

         - Weekly meal plans customized for you. 

          -Daily hour long cardio, fat burning workout video by me every morning. 

          -Weekly Skype or FaceTime sessions with ME to talk about this weeks goals and plans. Let ME inspire YOU!!!!

          - You being shared on my social media site with your met goals with your approval only. At the end of every month I will be sharing all 20 of my clients on all my social media accounts for I will be happy and proud to share your improvement !!!

          -Weekly motivational videos from me to you personally and please except to grow a personal relationship with me :)

With only $100 a month, you can have me as a personal trainer everyday of the week. Take out your gym membership and stop paying for all those zumba and yoga classes. I will teach you everything you need to know about fitness and health as I have spent over a decade studying how to live a healthy life style for I have suffered daily with type 1 diabetes. It is a love and passion of mine to not only live healthy myself but to help others become healthier and happier as well. 

Things you will do before getting started 

1.) You must sign a waver agreeing that if you hurt yourself,  I am not responsible. Please understand that if you do something like a push up and break your thumb because I told you to perform ten pushups, I am not responsible for any expenses or blame for your injury. I am not responsible for any injuries on your part.  

2.) You must let me know if you would like for your information to be private and to not be shared on my social media sites. This includes before and after photos of yourself. Preferably in a sports bra or fitted shirt so people can have a more vivid idea of your results.

3.) You must agree and sign to not share my personal copyright videos being sent to you with any internet sites along with my personal meal plans.

This will not be a program where I copy and paste and send out a mass email. This will be individualized and created just for you. Every body comes in different shapes and sizes and every body reacts to things differently. This will be a lot of 1 on 1 personal working together. I am so excited to work with you!!

With only 20 spots open, they are going fast. If you wish to be one of these 20 people, please email me at asap to get YOUR spot, fill out the information, and pay for your package. We will get started on December 1st. Serious inquires only please!!!!!

If you do not get your spot this month, don't worry because I will be doing this every month:) 
Happy holidays and I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Sunday, November 15, 2015



Not something I usually choose to blog about, for I made this blog to specifically help others in their journey through fitness and health. But something has really been on my mind lately and I really feel the need to share it with you all. 

We ladies spend a lot of time, money, and passion on our appearance. We love to read a good blog/magazine what ever it may be, about what the newest and hottest style is. Or a product that makes your face look smoother, weight loss tips, diets, exercises that burns the most fat, on and on and on. We woman care a lot about our bodies, how great we look in yoga pants, and over all feeling better as we change our life style to a healthier one, but of coarse we ALL love cup cakes. I do not care who you are. I will not believe you if you say you don’t love cup cakes. ESPECIALLY when a boy break our hearts, we turn to something even better … JUNK FOOD. Yes, food will always win over stupid boys. 

But something we Ladies seem to be forgetting in life is that not only should we be trying to have healthier skin, bodies, hair, nails, etc, what about a healthy heart, mind, and soul??? Why is this not in Magazines, why do we not see or hear of it more often? Having a positive and happy heart is such a great start to fitness and health. Who the heck are we if all we do is look at another woman and think of nothing but negative things to say? Who are we if we live in an unhealthy negative mindset? It causes stress, and stress leads to unhappiness, sleepless nights, weight gain, and depression. So how can we even do this crazy thing called “life” with all that nonsense going on? No one, or no obstacle in life can determine your happiness except YOU! Its all your choice. Its crazy to think how much control  our minds have huh?

Sadly, the majority of our stress comes from our past. Some of us have been through WAY worse than others. Some have been through the worst of the worst in life, but please tell me how stressing about the past has helped your future??? EXACTLY, leave it in the past. Only an idiot can trip over something that's behind them (I’ve been an idiot one too many times). People have hurt me and people have hurt you. It seems to be unfortunately rare for those who hurt us to apologize.  So how and why should we forgive someone who isn't the least bit sorry? Well don’t do it for them, do it for yourself. FORGIVE THEM. Why? because you deserve the peace in your heart. You have cried over them, stayed up all night in anger about them, and guess what? You are not even on their mind? They are controlling you with no effort. Silly to think about really. But yes, we are woman and we have all made that mistake. And in result of people hurting us, we pay it forward in a negative way by being so cruel to someone else, and it just keeps going on and on. 

So how do we stop it? How do we help ourselves? We have all this unnatural medication in this world today to “help” us. Anxiety, Depression, you name it. Doctors are making millions. “Here is a pill, take it every day and your problems will go away”… Am I dissing anyone that's taking medication? Not at all. I've been on a lot of them myself actually if you want the truth. Until you realize that your mind has so much more control than those pills do, it will never go away for ever. I hope no one gets offended by this but I say it in a blunt way because that one sentence someone once told me “Your mind has more power than those pills you're taking daily.” was LIFE changing. And that person who told me that was not even trying to help me out in the least bit. BUT LITTLE DID SHE KNOW, HAHA. Why didn’t the doctor tell me this? He could have helped me a long time ago. 

I am not in to putting people on blast on social media, So I have blacked out names because my point here is to not call out certain individuals but to make my point here of how we woman have become to one another these days. Skimming through some of the comments I receive on a weekly basis here are just some recent ones….

This is what woman think of when they see another human… Another human they have never even spoke to.  It really does blow my mind sometimes. Did it use to hurt me? Yes, but once I became happy and positive myself, things flipped and I began to hurt for THEM. Yes!!! when I read this stuff, it makes me feel sorry for them. What are they going through in life that has made them so harsh/negative/cold hearted. And yes, I will say I have been rude to others myself, we all have. But they hurt me first so I got them back. Nope I didn’t get them back, I actually just put myself on their level… LOW, THE LEVEL IS LOW LADIES. Which after all, when I sat and looked at all the negative comments and all the positive comments, the positive out weighed the negative by a long shot. And most of the time that is how it goes, its just OUR choice which side to look at, the negative? Or the positive? 

One thing I really love about life is that not everyone is short, muscular, blond hair, blue eyes, loves to tumble and has the name Mackenzie.(explaining myself) because that's me, I don’t want every other woman on this earth to look EXACTLY like me with the EXACT same dreams and goals in life.  And you're you, NOT me. I love how different we all are. I mean there would seriously be no point in posting a selfie on social media anymore. You would already know exactly what it would look like by just looking in the mirror. We would actually have no social media because you would be doing the SAME thing I’m doing so why should I keep up with you and vice versa? And those goals and dreams we work so hard for daily would be nothing if we all achieved the same thing. Could you imagine a world with no goals? Life would be so pathetic and boring. No excitement or interest in any way. That's why we as WOMAN need to learn that your goals are not mine, your interests are not mine, and mine are not yours, and THAT is what makes life so incredibly beautiful. Not only will uplifting one another make us feel better as a individual, but it will make someone else feel better and it will all just keep going back and forth feeding off of one another. What is the point of saying such nasty things about one another, did it help you in any way? Did it help them in any way? Uplifting one another brings YOU up….

So yes, by the end of this blog it all goes back to fitness and health. If you are wanting to change your life and become more fit and healthy, start with your mind. Clean out your heart, fill it up with happiness and positiveness because you CAN'T go forward if you're stuck in the pond of sinking sand full of negativity. Your fitness and health journey will fail. You will not only feel better to get out of bed in the morning and hop on that treadmill, you will take stress out of your life and add many years to it. If this blog inspires one person to change their mindset and become more healthy minded, I have achieved everything I wanted to by typing it. 
-XOXO Mackenzie McKee.