Friday, December 26, 2014

I don't have time to workout!!!!!!!

         There are people in this world who live for working out, who get paid for working out, and who have nothing else to do in life but workout. Then there are those who just don't have much in life to do, no job, no kids, and simply have the time to go to the gym and get a workout in. AND LAST there are those who have kids, have a job, have a house to clean, meals to cook, etc. And finding the time to workout can seem impossible.

      Working out and staying fit and healthy has been important to me since I could remember. I didn't have the problem of "finding time to workout" until after I became a mom and a wife. But I decided that making excuses was NOT an option. It was leg day for me one Monday morning and I was at a hotel with my husband 6 hours away from home, we had to leave by noon and be out ALL day for a rodeo then drive six hours to get back home. NO WAY I was going to get a workout in. No gym, no running track, no time. I thought it through before bed and my stubbornness was going to find a way to get my workout in. I'm not a morning person at the least bit but Icardio workout. NO weights I just needed a big enough space to basically jump and squat. But then things happen like a screaming baby waking up and wanting all your attention. I had the choice of stopping or i had the choice to SOMEHOW make it work. So I put the cute little darling of mine on my shoulders while i did squats and she laughed through it all. My husband later woke up and I knew I had to take a shower, feed my family, and get ready for the day. In the shower I knew I wasn't quite done with my workout so between my shampoos and conditioner I got 150 squats in. As my hair was drying I got 50 push ups in and before we left I did 200 abs. Along with getting the family breakfast, getting the kids bathed and dressed, and dolling myself up for the day. I was pretty impressed with all I got done on that busy morning. WHO NEEDS A GYM!!!!!!
set my alarm an hour and a half earlier than I usually wake up, and earlier than i knew the kids and the husband would wake up. I woke up, did a thirty minute self
You would be surprised how much time we really do have.

        So that morning I realized that I could stop making excuses on my busy days and find a way to make it work, and I got to say I'm shocked of how much I can squeeze in to my busy days. You have children so you can't go jog? put them in a stroller. Kids LOVE stroller rides. Make it fun. If they want to stop and play at the park, let them. Stop and pet a cow... let them. Get your kids involved and teach them the impotence of being active and healthy. Learn to love being active and ALWAYS make time. If the shower is the only time you have to workout, do a workout in the shower. If your kids are around, involve them. I found other ways to squeeze a workout in like purchasing a bike and biking to places I need to go. BURN MORE CALORIES PEOPLE!!!!

                                              NO    MORE   EXCUSES !!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Abs are made in the kitchen

     I often get asked how in the world I have abs after two kids. My usual response would have been " tumbling, running, and working out everyday". And often I get the response back of "I do work out every day and this baby pudge just isn't going away". Or even woman who have never had kids complain about "the pudge". Hardest thing to get rid of ladies!!! I also get "well your young so it just fell off of you" WRONGGGGGG.... here is the the way to a flat stomach.

      I have tried every diet possible to stabilize my blood sugar, and to lose the extra pounds I was dying to lose. The one and only one that worked for me was to eat 6 to 8 meals a day. YES 6 to 8. Sounds like a lot but that's what are bodies like. Our bodies are like fire, you feed a little fuel to the fire continuously it keeps working, you stop feeding it, it stops working, JUST LIKE OUR METABOLISM. In high school I was eating 2 maybe 3 meals a day but they were large meals. I was starving by the time I get to a meal which calls for a bigger meal, and I can't just sit in class or at work and eat my other meals. I get a lunch break then a supper time, and if I was lucky I would grab breakfast. This is a lot of woman's problem, they work and get that 1 lunch break so they get a big meal in to satisfy them tell supper. And that was when I put on 20 pounds. Very frustrating to put on 20 pounds while working out every day. So that being said, ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN FOLKS...

     When I heard 6 to 8 meals a day my first thought was "awesome, eat a cheese burger and fries every two hours and lose weight"... NO! I count my carbohydrates and calories. Believe it or not I eat less calories and carbs with the 8 meals a day than I did 2 or 3. I make sure to keep it at or below 1200 calories a day and 50 to 200 calories per meal. So if I started at 7:00 a.m. and ended at 7:00 p.m. and make my meals 2 hours apart that is 7 meals a day. And if three of my meals were 100 calories and four of my meals 200 calories than that's 1100 calories. And not to mention I'm always satisfied and never starving because I get to eat every two hours :). When I say 200 calorie meals I don't mean half a snickers, or half a donut, or maybe a small 200 calorie honey bun. Stick with healthy, high protein, low carb foods, but just so I don't leave this important part out, STAY ACTIVE! working out at least 1 hour a day is helpful and what our body needs.

    Some things I make sure to follow through this is 1) this is not a strict diet, its my new life style and the way I live. 2) don't drink your calories, make sure to get all the water your body needs per day. Water, coffee, and crystal light are about the only things I drink. And 3) find the proper foods to cover your meals. Protein is a major element in building lean muscle tissue, and when combined with proper exercise you will get the results you want:). You can find many foods that are high in protein and low in carbs. Get creative with your meals and change your life for the better.

                                                          List of good foods

                                                             protein bar
                                                             penut butter
                                                             chicken breast
                                                             ground turkey
                                                           greek yogurt